Fieke van Berkom is an independent photographer and visual artist based in Eindhoven.

The globe is her work area.

Be a product

Be yourself

Kneel for a peace of mind


Peacepipes in the Achterhoek

Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm; a prison without walls

For $AL€

The AK47 Family

Geert Wilders goes USA

‘Only in Detroit’ type stories…

Recycle Here in Detroit

It’s a mans world

Mind the Mirror.

My North Dakota Family


Daily Slides

A trip down the Eindhoven memory lane.

Traces of Capitalism III

Traces of capitalism I

Traces of Capitalism II

Public Thoughts.

Recycle Centre Detroit

Rooms I stayed in

Traditional balinese Treatment

KONT magazine

About ×

Born in Oss, 1982

In 2007 Fieke graduated from Sint Joost, Breda as photographer. Since then, Fieke has been working independently for clients as a freelance photographer. She travels regularly for long periods of time all over the world to work on her self initiated photo documentaries. Fieke stands out, as a person and in the work she makes. For the young photographer it seems to be a requirement to create an easy-going and sincere atmosphere towards her subjects and topics. This sincerity is a method of working for her. She’s not interested in the aesthetic side of the things and people she encounters, but tends approach and present them as frankly as possible. Not to shock the audience, but to make them part of these special encounters, political messages or forgotten ideals trough the carefully shot images she creates.
In between trips, she works from her studio in Eindhoven on conceptual art. These works are often reactions towards things she encounters and discovers during her travels. In these free works, she finds that photography on its own falls short in delivering her message, and for that reason she combines drawings or text with her images. This way she can also build installations where her slide projections can be incorporated into a large scale productions for example in theater. More and more, Fieke offers the viewer a total experience and cherishes her ability to send them home having been part of something special. Touched or confused? Sure, but certainly not unaffected.

Fieke is a collector, images that she works with don't necessarily need to be taken by her to help in delivering her visual message. A chat in the supermarket or a scribble on a wall can be an inspiration for a work.
That's why Fieke loves the streets and has recently developed a strong drive to bring her work to public spaces. She thinks that art should be accessible to everyone. You'll see her written work more and more often if you are on your bike waiting at a traffic light. No need to buy a ticket, or step into a highbrow gallery. Everyone deserves a smile from Fieke's work!


  • 2018-Winner of the AG art price choosen by the public Academisch Genootschap Eindhoven NL
  • 2018-'Traces of Capitalism' Academisch Genootschap Eindhoven NL
  • 2017-'Eindje Gramma' solo slideshow Mu Art Space Eindhoven NL
  • 2016-‘Het leven is geen ponykamp’ The Fat Pony Eindhoven NL
  • 2015-‘Detroits Do It Yourself Culture’ Pecha Kucha talk TAC Eindhoven NL
  • 2015-'The AK47 Family' Flipside Eindhoven NL
  • 2015-DOIOING pop-up souvenir shop during Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
  • 2015-'OP = OP' 70% bar Eindhoven NL
  • 2013-'Cowboy and Indian' at Barter auction trade by FOAM LAB Pllek Amsterdam
  • 2013-'The whole why world' Detroit Centre for Contemporary Photography, Detroit USA
  • 2013-'Moon on Earth' at Zomerexpo Gemeentemuseum Den Haag NL
  • 2013-‘Growing Hope' at Learning from Detroit Kunstverein Wolfsburg DE.
  • 2013-daily slides in theater piece of Rik van Iersel ‘Conductor Tales’ Plaza Futura Eindhoven NL
  • 2012-Installation ‘Dark should be dark’ GLOW light art festival. Collaboration with Eva van der Moer. Schellens Fabriek Eindhoven NL
  • 2012-‘Growing Hope’ Narrative Slideshow about 3 native Detroiters SAIC, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago USA
  • 2012-'Daily slides' at Beukorkest group exhibition Dutch Design Week Eindhoven NL
  • 2012-‘Op = Op’ at Incubate Open Source Expo Koepelhal Tilburg NL
  • 2011-‘New York daily slides’ at Bring Your Own Beamer WorkSpace6 Amsterdam NL
  • 2011-‘Bij de dokter’ at Zomerexpo Gemeentemuseum Den Haag NL
  • 2010-'Growing Hope' Installation with Slideshow Kunstlerhaus Sootborn Hamburg DE
  • 2010-'Growing Hope' at Armut Macht Geil festival TAC Eindhoven NL
  • 2010-'Zomeractie' graduation project about commercialised beauty industry Radboud Hospital Nijmegen NL
  • 2010-‘My North Dakota Family’ series Galerie Pennings Eindhoven NL
  • 2009-‘Daily Slides’ GALERIE LE PIEK NOIR Dutch Design Week Eindhoven NL
  • 2007-'Zomeractie' GALERIE VIPS! Rotterdam NL
  • 2007-'Botox before/after' and 'Zomeractie' at graduation show Sint Joost Breda NL
  • 2005-‘Medical Mistake’ Breda Photo, Breda NL
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Fieke van Berkom