Fieke van Berkom Witch your way out.


In 1595 there where a lot of witches murdered in the region Helmond, close to where I live. In november 2019 I visited an exhibition about these prosecutions in Museum Helmond. I was so shocked. Innocent woman got burned or were victim of the ‘waterproef’. A terrible torture with water drops. In the pictures I saw beautiful strong woman. Why did they not have the right to be alive? I dove into this history and as far as I can conclude I think these woman where a threat to the rulers of that time. Mostly men. The woman seem to be very wise and knew a lot about herbs. They could do magic! Magic is seen as something what isn’t grippable and logically not explainable. Obviously this had to be wiped out society. So the only thing what was left where people who are obedient. It made me realize that when I check the character traits of a witch I am definitely one. This fact made me instant grateful that I am alive, here and now, that I can do or say what I think and not be thrown on the pyre for it.


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Fieke van Berkom