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By the age of 14, young girls will have seen 1,250,000,000 beauty images. Through social media, TV, billboards and magazines they are continuously confronted with an image that is almost impossible to achieve. Because of the Western beauty standard, which in my opinion dictates the standard in the rest of the world, a lot of women are struggling with their appearance. This leads to a never ending dissatisfaction about the female body.
In our society based on looks, the body gives us an anchor point. We look in the mirror to know who we are. At the same time we are burdened with a major flaw in our reasoning, saying ‘beauty=happiness’. Because the body (and mind) can be shaped, we let tempt us to artificially rejuvenate our body with the aid of the beauty industry.

In the cosmetic surgery industry, commercialization has awaited its moment very patiently. Only after some small talk over a glass of pure mineral water, the cosmetic industry had embraced the commercialization forever.
Together they have a thriving business where the human body acts as the product.

This series is a reflection of how we become victims of the beauty industry, now and in the future, to reach eternal youth.

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Fieke van Berkom