Fieke van Berkom LaCa Galeria Lázaro Cárdenas Mexico


During the lockdown in 2020 my Mexican artist friend Pato Azulita opened a community art gallery called LaCA in Lázaro Cárdenas, Guerrero Mexico. Lázaro Cárdenas is a very polluted industrial city where most people moved too work in the harbour. The port exports automobiles from various Mexican assembly plants to markets in Southeast Asia and South America. There is not much history or culture in this city. Some parts of this city actually reminded me of Detroit.
During the lockdown the schools where closed so he rent the space and started to invite the kids to be creative. All workshops and materials are free and donated. All is very DIY and not funded or sponsored. The kids come very often to paint or to help recycling. Pato also invented a recycle and compost program which is now been used in several communities in Guerrero. I visited the gallery and volunteered to help with a press workshop.

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Fieke van Berkom