Fieke van Berkom Mind the Mirror.


While suffering from a deep depression I decided to cure myself instead of taking pills and become a zombie. In my search for enlightenment I tried many things to understand and deal with this cruel world better. Not knowing by that time that all truth is within myself. I had many confrontations with myself through other people. My behaviour reflected on them which I got back right in my face. After a lot of reading, meditating and talks with my psychologists I started to learn from these confrontations instead of walking away from them. I think I came at the point where I started to understand the power of the ego. The voice in your head who is telling you what to do or what not. When the ego becomes dominant you forget that your heart always knows what to do. Me, I consider myself an analyst I could think for days and days not practising anything. Unbelievable how the ego paralyzed me.

This serie of mirrors you can interpret as an answer to the internal dialogues we all have with our ego or mind. It is easy to believe them and become your thoughts but it is also easy to reply to them and move on in peace.

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Fieke van Berkom