Fieke van Berkom Toeslagenaffaire.


Unfortunately there is still a lot of racism in our society. In my work I always try to bring light to stories who need it. ‘De Toeslagenaffaire’ became a very controversial story about racism in The Netherlands because the Dutch Tax organisation is involved in it. I portrayed the lawyer Eva González Pérez for Oneworld Magazine who started a case against ‘De Belastingdienst’, the Dutch Tax organisation. In august 2020 when I portrayed her she was already fighting for justice for 4 years. After this publication many magazines and newspapers followed so the story became more known. Until January 2021 it made it to the Dutch parliament. And the parliament fell through this story. After that I got phonecalls from Madrid and Eindhoven, there where more magazines interested in Eva’s story. I am happy that I contributed a little part to justice.

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Fieke van Berkom