Fieke van Berkom is an independent photographer and visual artist based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The globe is her work area.

Western World welcomes Ancient Wisdom

Mind the Mirror.

Reforestation operation for Mariposa Monarca butterfly

Traces of capitalism I

Be a product

Detroit Rich Soul

Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm; a prison without walls

Witch your way out.

Kneel for a peace of mind


Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.

Daily Slides

‘Only in Detroit’ type stories…

My North Dakota Family

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Born in Oss, The Netherlands 1982

In 2003 Fieke graduated as graphic designer at Sint Lucas, Boxtel in The Netherlands. She wanted to explore more of her creative side and decided to start her study at Sint Joost, Breda NL. In 2007 she graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Fieke is specialised in documentary photography; during fifteen years of working on projects all over the world she became a pro in visual storytelling. The medium of photography sometimes falls short, which is why she does not shy away to use other mediums to tell the story she wants to share with the world.
Fieke stands out, as a person and in the work she makes. For the young photographer it seems to be a requirement to create an easy-going and sincere atmosphere towards her subjects and topics. This sincerity is a method of working for her. She is not so much interested in the well-known aesthetic side of the things and people she encounters, but approaches and presents them as honestly as possible. Not to shock the audience, but to make them part of these special encounters, political messages or forgotten ideals trough the carefully shot images she creates.


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Fieke van Berkom